About Us

Felix P. Wesenberg GmbH & Co KG imports teas from all tea-producing countries of the world and sells it in its original packaging on the domestic and foreign markets and 

was founded by Felix Paul Wesenberg in 1957. His son and successor, Jens Wesenberg, is currently managing director of a young and dedicated team. Jennifer Kaiser (née Reuber) and Jennifer Laß have supported the management since February 2013. 

The partner company H.C.Buhle GmbH was founded in 1889 as a legally independent company and has been successfully active in tea trade ever since. 

Both companies act as a single entity. H.C.Buhle GmbH blends, flavours and packs the many different tea varieties according to customers’ requests in order to offer the most beautiful and diverse tea creations.

H.C.Buhle GmbH and Felix P. Wesenberg GmbH & Co KG employ 25 staff and serve wholesalers and tea shops worldwide.