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Tea Tasting

During a tea tasting, exactly 2.68 g of each tea is weighed (this corresponds to the international standard). The tea leaves are then infused with boiling water and steeped for 5 minutes. Afterwards, the tea is ready for tasting. The infusion is sucked by slurping the tea and then spitting it out again. By slurping and smacking, the aromas in the mouth can unfold better and the trained tongue can perceive the different nuances better. 

Some criteria for assessing tea:

  • Testing dry and infused tea leaves (infusion) for appearance, colour and smell. This provides a first impression of the quality.
  • The colour of the infusion, the scent from the tea cup, the character and taste of the tea infusion.
  • The fragrance, first impression in the mouth and development of the aroma